Meet The Lesson Horses and Ponies-
The most important part of riding!!!
The Horses!!!
Cinnimon is a 17
year old Haflinger
She is so totally
sweet a perfect
start for all
She loves jump.
She has had several
babies. We have
two at our barn-
Noah and Kaitlyn.
Both have alot
great patience and
Our Lesson Horses-
Horse Haven Rescue INC. formally
known as: Sunny Time Stables
This is Noble and Linda. He
is a 17.2 hand thoroughbred
(yes, another ex-racehorse!),
but don't be impressed by his
size he is a big baby and
likes to suck his tongue!
Noble is our gentle giant. He
was saved from starvation,
when he was bought from
the previous owner at over
250 pounds underweight (he
looked like an old dairy cow).
He's also a great ride and
ready to do anything- even
the beach! He has been
trained in dressage and
Go Candy Bars Go,
33 yr old
mare.- Candy rides
anyway- english or
western, she also
likes to jump if
giving the chance
to. Shes got quick
responses and is
always ready to go
on a trail ride
This is Noah!!
he is 9,and riding
2.5ft. courses. He
also likes trail rides-
he is such a good
boy! He was great
showing in
Wellington and has
over 15 grand
champions this year!
Alot of ribbons!
He was born
8/13/08 right in
the riding arena!
This is Oreo, he is 32 yrs.
old and loves to be with
Candy his wife! He was
almost 250 pounds under
weight. He turned out to
be such a nice horse we
have to keep him! He
likes young and old and is
so well behaved and safe,
and really good looking-
what a blessing for our
This is Hudson
and his owner.
He is a very nice
lesson horse and
we are happy to
be able to use
him to show,
ride and do
lessons with.
Kira was a young
untrained and very
sick starved rescue,
but now she is a
wonderful lesson
horse. She has a
beautiful floating
gait and has won
many grand
champions in the
arena jumping!
Jasmine a 6 yr old
thoughbred mare.
Isn't she beautiful?
God don't make junk!