Horse Haven Rescue INC.
501 (c)(3) not for profit business
3952 SW 42nd Ave.,  Palm City, FL  
Donations ARE Needed-
to help the rescue horses, you are very much appreciated-
Here's the proof- Over 30 documented horses rescued so far by us.
2018 we rescued 3 horses they have been adopted. During 2017 we received 3 rescues which were
worked with and fixed to be healthy and trained they have been adopted. In 2016 we rescued 3 new
horses all but 1 has been adopted and trained. Cheyanne is a beautiful 10 yr old paint mare in good
condition with allot of behavior issues and has been adopted April 1st 2017. Baby was a untrained 5 yr old
paint mare pony with allot of skin issues, was recently adopted April 15th 2017. Baily is a 5 yr old
mustang born in the holding pens in Oklahoma, she came to us mostly untrained! Adopted and doing well.
In 2015 we have rescued 2 horses, both had minor problems and are being fixed or trained. Conan and
Jasmine. Jasmine recently won at a dressage show (3/2019), classy lady!
In 2014, we were only able to rescue 1 horse, we were waiting to get our 501 c3, and funds are very
limited. In 2014 we
got our 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status!
Our place has
reached maximum capacity and we can't put anymore horses on this property. Won't you
please help these horses out? Where we are there is no grass pastures they have to be walked to get
grass. Donate today!
We received a thoroughbred gelding 6 yrs old (05/31/14), from a family in Okeechobee, who actually
found him on the streets roaming. His hooves are in terrible condition (he could barely walk from all the
abscesses), and his skin required allot of care and he was underweight. Lucky, is now has been adopted.
He was so fearful and in so much pain when he arrived, that he had a hard time knowing who to trust.
In 2013 we have brought in 2 horses, who are in the process of being rehabilitated. Angel and Kira, both
have ongoing minor problems. Angel was adopted and enjoying the trail life. Kira was adopted in Nov
2019, and has multiple grand champions in the a rated hunter shows.
In 2012 we got three horses. In 2011 we received 6 rescues. With the economy being so slow many horses
are suffering, even dying because we can't help them quick enough.
In 2011- we lost a pasture mate to 2 of the horses, we wanted to rescue because we didn't have the funds
to help sooner, and no other rescue would help, we honestly need your help. With todays economy there
are many horses in need of rescue locally (Martin County Horses) in our area.

They all have been saved from starvation, made healthy, sound and patiently retrained-
A SPECIAL Thanks to my many clients who pay for regular riding lessons. We are not regularly funded
by grants, but by riders and wonderful people who realize the needs of the unfortunate horses in our
Some of these horses were over 250 pounds underweight! Some just needed regular skin care and a good
worming, some needed special shoeing. Some needed patient retraining. Whatever their needs are we've
been there to supply them. Now we're reaching out, we would like to expand this program, and we need
your help.
The cost for just maintaining these horses is much more than the income they will ever bring in
each month. Usually one horse will need at least $400. a month to maintain a healthy life (thats just feed,
hay, shoeing,  shots, vitamins & bug spray). Any donation is greatly appreciated, but a regular monthly
contribution that can be counted on gives us the opportunity to say yes to the next horse.  
We can always use supplies! Whatever you can do, is a great help! Ranch Feed is happy to take donations
for us. Just let us know. Volunteers are appreciated here! Are you interested in being a foster parent?
For $200. a month you can help us rescue one of the wonderful creatures. You may come to the barn and
care for them, or we will. That $200 will help pay for food and hay and shoeing needs.
All donated money- all 100% goes to caring for the horses. No one is on payroll!!!
Looking to help out? Its as easy as hitting the button on the left! Paypal will handle the rest.
Thank-you kindly for all your help. Or you can send a check to 3724 SW Sunset Trace Circle, Palm City,
fl 34990
This is Zoey- she is a 14 year old
thoroughbred. The picture above is when we
first got her, she needed some weight, and her
skin was a problem, she also needed alot of
retraining. Look on the right-at her when she
was- Adopted! What a beautiful horse!!!
To the right is Noble, he is a 23 year old Thoroughbred. Who had a starting
gate accident. I had to buy him to save him- he was easily 250 lbs underweight.
I tape measured him at 1165 a few months AFTER we got him (he is 17'2
hands), Now he weighs 1350 pounds! He looked like an old dairy cow.  He was
so weak Cookie (a small pony) pushed him around the first month until he got
enough nutrition in his system to made a stand. These pictures on the right- he
was actually in better shape than when I bought him! Now (look more to the
right) I have had him now for 7 years and he had become such a safe sweet
horse, even a 6 year old can ride him.
He is the real ugly duckling story- he was so ugly, and starved when I got him I
was asked to leave and keep a blanket on him - hiding him in the back of a
upscale barn in the area.
In  2011, he won Grand Champion in Wellington, baby green hunter!!!!!
Anyone would be proud now- right?
This is Oreo, when he was a 25 yr old appaloosa. He weighed over 200 less than
what he should. A full year later- He's beautiful, amazing, such a great horse!!!
Reasses (cup,cup!)
Was also very under weight, was
adopted by the Lloyd family.
Dutchwarmblood, came in
over 200 lbs under weight.
Lucy, a Arab pony mare.
She came in with very bad
hooves and bloody ears.
Candy has been in our barn for over a
decade! Shes 30 years old in this
picture! She was my first rescue in
Florida. Nice big butt!
Babe, 23yr old x racehorse-
everyone loves! She has had so
many grand champions we can't
keep track! Adopted
Socks,33 yrs old.
recently died. We
will miss her- she
was a wonderful
teacher to our
younger and most
timid riders.
Scooter was such a cutey, he learned to play
ping-pong, see the ball? He had a neck injury, that
the chiropractor - Bob fixed! Amazing...
This is Nicky. He came to us
as a rotten misbehaved
horse, a 6 yr old with
terrible hooves off the with
lots of patience, he became
a favorite. Adopted
Rosey- a wonderful
Tennessee Walker mare,
with lots of history.
He hits
the Ball!
Faith, who really needed just a lot of
love. She's a real sweetheart and is
always putting her head on my

Sunny adopted -
Carlo a nice thoroughbred was
adopted by Vivitar.
Kira- went from 200 pounds underweight, shooting diarrhea out-
ready to die, to gorgeous in 5 months! Now she's getting Grand
champions showing in "A" rated hunter shows.
Penny and her new
She is super sweet, and about 150 lbs underweight, she only
weighed 1060. Now she weighs 1250 pounds. She is needed
some retraining, special shoeing, and lots of TLC!
Oreo at the Jupiter show,
a winner, Grand
Champion- 10/20/13
During rehabilitation, notice the crest in
the neck, the muscles, coat condition and
weight gain.
Lucky- 6 yr old
thoroughbred found
wandering in Okeechobee.
He was severely
underweight, had bad
abcessed hooves and major
skin infections. Untrained,
but learning! Received 5/14,
picture taken 10/1/14.
Rescued- Rehabilitated-
Trained and Adopted!
Shoshoni came in 10/23/18. She's a sweet 17 hand
Hanoverian mare. I was told this mare was Olympic
trained, Sadly forgotten. Easily 300 lbs underweight,
parasites, skin issues, teeth, eye infections, lots of
rehab. work and major amounts of feed and hay.