Horse Haven Rescue INC.
We have been providing a safe riding environment for students to learn and riders to have fun since
2002 (On the Treasure Coast!). The riding instructor- Linda Sistarelli has been teaching with a
equine college degree for over 35 years. Linda is constantly looking for better ways to teach and enjoy
the art of Horseback riding.
In the arena, at the barn or out on trails we are always making sure our students are having a great time without
having to worry about the dangerous details.

Our horses have spent many hours being trained to make safe choices, they have been bomb proofed.
We also spend time matching the rider with the horse to ensure that the rider has control of his or her
mount at all times.

Horse back riding is considered a dangerous sport, we minimise that by training our horses and putting them
in a safe environment (the arena). When the student has gained enough control then we will take them on a
trail ride where they will learn more about controlling their horse through different situations.
Students meet at a prearranged time, usually on a weekly or multi-weekly basis. As the student becomes more
involved they tend to visit and do lessons more often.
Our Organization
We have been helping the community by offering many activities to those who are normally unable to take lessons.

Every year we offer several needy children time to attend summer camp here with us for free. This way we hope to provide for a future for
those children to work towards if they want to pursue a career with horses.

Horse Haven Rescue INC. won't turn a child away. I believe if a child really wants to learn to ride, theres a way to make it affordable. I have
always allowed my students to work off their lesson time by helping around the barn.

We have been blessed with regular visits by ARC, Teen Challenge, Samaritan House for Boys, 20/200 Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
Children's Home Society of Florida  and other groups who come to enjoy our horses for free or a reduced price.
Our Interests
At Sunny Times Stable we are continually looking for new ways to teach.

Our warm-ups for example, include exercises that get the right side of the brain working with the left side of the body and vis-versa.
These exercises check the coordination of the child as well as see how confident and capable they are of riding on that day. These
exercises are routines that therapists use to help learning and physically challenged people.
This does not mean these exercises are easy, as it is harder to do these on a horse while moving!

We also understand that each person learns differently, we strive to provide that route that makes learning more easy and fun for
each person!

Occasionally students will be giving work to read and take home, this will help to give them more theory, and give them more visual
About Us-
Horse Haven Rescue INC.
We are a non-profit 501c3!
3952 SW 42nd Ave.,  Palm City,FL