Riding Lessons at Horse Haven Rescue INC.-

Hourly Trail Rides- $40.00 per person (1 person) $35.00 more then 1

Hourly-   One lesson-    
                Private lessons-  $50.00  (one person, one ride)
                Semi-private-     $40.00  (two riders)
                Group-               $35.00 (three or more)

Half Hour- 1 lesson-      $30.00

HEY!!!!    SAVE $20.00 a month !! !  Pay in advance-

Private lessons- $5.00 off each lesson- $180.00 for four hour private lessons ($45.00 each hour)
Semi-private-      $5.00 off each lesson- $140.00 for four hour semi-private lessons ($35.00 each hour)
Group-               $5.00 off each lesson- $120.00 for four hour group lessons ($30.00)
1/2 hour-            $5.00 off each lesson- $100.00 for four half hour lessons ($25.00 each lesson)

Summer Camp-
Camp starts at just $50.00 a day $200.00 a week. 9am-1pm
Extended day 9am-4:30pm - $300.00
Additional weeks or siblings- $175.00 a week (early session)
Or $275.00 week for additional extended week or siblings.
Our Rates-
We don't hide our rates!
We're a bargain and we're proud of it!
Horse Haven Rescue INC. formally known
Sunny Time Stables
3952 SW 42nd St.,  Palm City, FL
772-621-0067   horsehrescue@