Summer camp-
At Sunny Times Stables Inc. Riding lessons are fully tailored to suit each riders needs and abilities. We have an assorted
group of riders from 3 years old to 83 years old! Our horses are well-trained, safe, fun and personable.
Our students come from the local community to learn progressively better riding skills.
Some of my past students now run their own riding stables, and are presidents of horse councils, or involved in dressage
foundations, running shows, camps and their own barns.

When arriving at the barn for a lesson the student will be taught how to halter, lead, groom, saddle, and bridle. From the
barn we go to the arena. At the arena we do warm-ups exercises. This gives us a chance to evaluate the condition of the
rider and the horse, also to make sure that muscles are adequately stretched and ready for work. When warm-ups are
finished we introduce new material, work on learning that new material, and review what we have learned. In the end a
cool down time is the signal that the lesson is almost over, students at that time are expected to voice any questions
about what was taught. Horse are then walked until cool, brought to the barn, stripped of riding equipment, sometimes
giving a bath and put back in their stall.
Each student is expected to wear a pair of heeled boots, and suitable pants (breeches, athletic spandex type wear, chaps).
Helmets are provided for and they do meet the ASTIM safety requirements.

Students are expected to prepare their horse for the lesson and will be taught to do so. They should arrive early (about 15
minutes to 1/2 hour ). If the student needs assistance it will being taken out of the 1 hour riding time.

Students needing to cancel should do so as early as possible so that others may be able to take advantage of that time.
We understand that problems can occur, and are very flexible about that. Linda would prefer not to have sick children
riding and really does appreciate them not riding that day.

Linda searches for many ways to stimulate the students interests, and is always open for new information to keep lessons
fun and exciting.  Any parent or student wanted to change their riding program should consult Linda as soon as possible.
Horseback Riding Lessons
Our Services- we're always trying to do our best!
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Meet your riding instructor-
At Sunny Times Stables- horse training is tailored to each horses abilities and evaluated based on that riders/owners needs.
Ongoing training on a regular basis is key to a positive and productive horse.

Methods used are optimally Natural horsemanship such as- Pat Parelli method (lifetime member), Clint Anderson, Monty Roberts,
and many others to name a few and forget many!

Linda believes in positive reinforcement, and will always let the horse know when they are doing something correct. I will also let
them know when they are doing something wrong. I think these communications are necessary because the horse does not know
what is good or bad only what has been acceptable so far. Certain cues are set when I first start a horse so that they will know
whether they are doing well or not. This relieves the horses anxiety and helps them to quickly focus on learning. Hundreds of
people have commented on how calm and relaxed our horses are, compared to other barns.

When your horse is being trained by Linda, he will be evaluated and watched for many needs including (but not limited to) health
issues, lameness issues, nutrition issues, physical fitness, stress, responsiveness to equipment,to aids,to training, and how well
they are reacting to all things in general.

Horses are usually looking forward to training with Linda and many owners see the changes happening very quickly in their horse.
This helps make a positive experience and changes the horses demeanor so that the horse and rider eventually make a better bond.

The rider/owner is taught how to continue this trust and keep the horse more clearly understanding the goals that the rider is
looking to obtain.

Community Service-
We have been helping the community since 2003 by offering many activities to those who are normally unable to take
lessons. Every year a needy children get to attend summer camp here with us for free. We are trying to provide for a
future for those children to work towards if they want to pursue a career with horses.
Sunny Times Stable won't turn a child away. I believe if a child really wants to learn to ride, theres a way to make it
affordable. I have always allowed many students to work off their lesson time by helping around the barn.
We have been blessed with regular visits by ARC, Teen Challenge, Samaritan House for Boys, 20/200 Club, Boy Scouts,
Girl Scouts, Children's Home Society of Florida, 12 Palms, New Life Recovery,   and other groups who come to enjoy our
horses for a reduced price. Please feel free to call or come for a visit anytime- bring a carrot!
Linda Sistarelli is a graduate of Centenary College, equine program 1980.
At Centenary college, Linda  was taught by many great instructors like George Morris (USA Olympic riding instructor).
These instructors taught how important a good seat and hands are. Linda also rode under many other instructors who taught classical
riding (dressage).
Being that this is a College degree it covered many areas in the horse business, not just teaching how to ride. Lameness, health, nutrition,
equipment and many other needs of the horse were taught. These are the same basics that Linda still teaches daily and in camp today.

Linda teaches a balanced centered seat, solid basic riding skills to advanced skills needed for showing. From local shows to "A" rated
shows, Linda's horses and students prove themselves often by winning many Grand champions at the shows!
Linda is experienced in riding and/or teaching hunt seat, dressage, western, and has been teaching these skills for over 30 years.
Linda has ridden up to fourth level dressage horses . Linda has also taught many special needs people and enjoys finding ways to help us
all achieve goals.

Showing is usually done on a monthly basis and is not required to ride here. Sunny Time Stables does so well at the shows that we have
lost track of all the grand champions our students and horses have received in the rated shows.
Prices are very reasonable and you don't need to "lease " a horse to show with us, you get to use our lesson horses! Many have told us
that it cost hundreds of dollars more showing in other barns. Linda wants to make sure that being a good horseman/ and good riding skills
are the priority and stresses to be fair to all not just the ones who own the most expensive horse. Linda believes that there must be a
balance in all we do and not to focus on the ribbon and the placement of that day at the show. We should strive to continually better
ourselves, but not for the blue ribbon, for the success of doing a job the best of ones ability.  

Horse training philosophy-
During Summer camp children will learn many new skills and their self- confidence will soar. This also means we have to watch them very
carefully for any safety issues. Safety is our number one concern, we spend many extra hours training our horses and ponies to interact
with your children. We have had many- many years without any accidents.
We aim to have the children on the horses as much as possible (usually at least 1 hour per day). Normally we group students of similar
experience together, however sometimes that may not be possible. Extended day campers will usually ride twice a day.

Summer camp normally runs from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Monday - Friday. Pre-registration is required and sign-ups normally occur in April
and May. June, July and August are the months we run Summer camp.

Check our summer camp page for more information.